…A time of disruption…a dynamic
world in constant motion…

Quick thinking and a mind open to new possibilities are the only ways to guarantee continuity for players who are giving it their all to adapt swiftly to their environment. Every awakening is different and everyone must set their own rules to face a game where change is the only constant.

Organizational challenges are substantial and ever-present. We must adopt new technologies in order to evolve, create an impact and ensure we will thrive in the future.

There is no one true road to success. There are thousands of formulas, channels and scenarios to stay in the game when the playing field has become volatile with evolving technology and growing consumer demands.

There is no place for stereotypes. Whatever flourishes today may wither tomorrow. Plurality is the trend, fashion is becoming democratic and brands have the ability to choose how to speak to their audience. Slowing down to reflect is valid, but acting quickly is necessary: these are the forces that converge creating new horizons to be conquered.

Welcome to Colombiatex de las Américas 2017!