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You can fly into the José Maria Cordoba airport in Rionegro, one of Colombia’s main international airports, offering direct connections to Miami, New York, Panama, Lima, Quito, Caracas, Fort Lauderdale and Madrid.

You can also fly into the Enrique Olaya Herrera airport in Medellin, which handles domestic flights exclusively. Ada, Aires, Easy Fly and Satena operate at this airport, servicing destinations like Manizales, Pereira, Montería, Quibdó, Corozal, Acandí and Caucasia.

The “Mariano Ospina Pérez” Bus Terminal (Northern Terminal) is a useful hub for routes originating north of Antioquia.

The “Alberto Díaz Muñoz” Bus Terminal (Southern Terminal) is a large hub that serves as terminus for most inter-municipal and national routes.

If you are in Colombia and want reach Medellín by car, you can access the city through the Northern Coast Thoroughfare, which connects all the capital cities in the Caribbean. You can also take the Western Thoroughfare, which connects to the southern regions of the country, or the Medellin Highway.

Alternate routes include the Coffee Highway and the Seabound Highway, which is part of the Pan-American Highway, as well as other secondary roadways that connect all of Antioquia’s regions.