To learn, to have fun and to experiment: that is the invitation for 2017

This year, the Inexmoda – UPB  Knowledge Pavilion will have two days of conferences (Tuesday, January 24th and Wednesday, the 25th) in the Metropolitan Theatre; on the third day (Thursdays, January the 26th), the stakes for this space will rely on the  workshops that will take place in the Commissions’ showrooms of Caja de Madera in the Conventions Center Plaza Mayor that will allow free entrance, but only directed to people over the age of 18.


To play means to start inhabiting new worlds with new possibilities, it implies waking up, rescheduling, to pack up courage, to create new ways of seeing, adapting, producing and acquiring new skills, to understand the new ways to approach the future. The future is already happening; therefore, we need our mind to be opened to these new changes in order to compete, and to win.

Through game, new scenes can be discovered in which the companies and brands can open to new paths and opportunities, and for every situation, case or challenge, there is not just one way around it. The flexibility, openness to change, dynamic thinking, and the balance between assertiveness and empathy, are some of the attitudes which the human beings rely on as mental disposition for the New Game.

By playing on the first day, the Knowledge Pavilion will provide contents or initiatives that prepare us to keep an open mind that motivates, incites and explores new scenarios in which the companies and brands can lead the way to different paths and opportunities!


A dynamic, swift zone of game, where multiple forces converge, confusion and chaos for the changes and inaccuracies of the current reality. We need to clarify our vision to go towards the sought-after goal, to understand the game zone in order to grasp control of the uncertainty, clarity to handle the chaos, and agility to keep up with the pace of the changeable environment.

Every day a new day, expectant and volatile, they are some of the characteristics that make the world go round at every level. The game zone has changed, the context, the scenery where every actor carries out his or her plays have turned into another field of strategies totally different from what they were before. With speed, dynamism and new rules, will be how we decipher this new environment in which there will develop and coexist the new bets, and the new actors and players.

In the business context, the dynamics is similar every day: is a new challenge, and for this reason it is mandatory for the company to be  opened to explore new fields of actions, new landscapes, and to create new strategies.

On the second day, the move of the Knowledge Pavilion presents a landscape about the new ways of establishing contact with their clients, about the processes, the development of new products, the internal dynamics of the organization that manage to motivate the human resources component to undertake new games or, at least, to apply the strategies and rules of the game to incorporate them in the organizations, to assume and evolve with the dynamics of the current context.


Are you prepared to face the new game? How to win? If already you know what is happening nowadays in this changeable and undecipherable environment, if you are clear about your strategy for the game, your competitors, your strengths and flaws, then you are ready to begin to play. Keep in mind that the one who wins is not the one who scores, is the one who manages to stay in the game zone.

This third day, the Knowledge Pavilion brings together the experiences that exemplify the moves: that is to say, with an open mind facing this changeable environment, the action becomes a fact. We will see how companies and organizations that have embraced change, offer us new experiences, formats, innovations, places where the brands become customized and manage to hook the consumer in an innovative, differentiated, appealing and experimental way, by creating new endeavor, and new ways to relating.

For more information, please contact:

Sebastián Valencia
Tel: (574) 6043700 Ext. 130