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Concept: New Game

Troubled times… A moving and dynamic world…
Quick thinking and a mind open to new possibilities are the only guarantees for tenure of those players who must give all to adapt to the surroundings with speed, as each new day is different and each person creates his own rules to meet a game permeated by constant change. Organizational challenges are high and persistent; it is necessary to adopt new methods in order to evolve, to continue impacting, and subsequently, guarantee a future. There is no one route to success; there are millions of valid formulas, channels, and stages in which to maintain a place in a volatile medium, propelled by technology and today’s consumer demands. There is no place for stereotypes here--what is valid today does not have to be so tomorrow—plurality is a trend, fashion becomes democratic, and there is freedom to choose how to speak to a consumer; thinking is valid, but it is necessary to act with speed. These are the forces that converge, forcing us to face a new game. Closing statement of Colombiatex 2017: View Statement