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    1. The accreditation (badge) of the Trade Show must be picked up personally at the registration desks of the Trade Show, by showing ID or passport. Also, to enter the Trade Show and the various venues, your ID or passport is required; in the event that you have neither you must present another document that has an updated photo.


    1. The categories of VISITOR and/or BUYER who have received their accreditation (badge) at the invitation of exhibitors or Inexmoda may not make any changes, since the accreditation is personal and non-transferable.


    1. Only changes in accreditation (badge) will be allowed for EXHIBITOR categories after verifying in the registration system that the badge has not been used; the same applies for VISITOR and/or BUYER categories which were acquired directly.


    1. In case of loss or damage, badge reprinting will have no charge during the first day of the Trade Show. If reprinting is requested during the 2nd or 3rd day, whether or not the accreditation has been used, the cost will be $ 60,000.


    1. EXHIBITORS shall be entitled to a certain number of badges per m2 acquired (according to agreement). In case of requiring additional badges, they will have the option of acquiring them with a 50% discount of current badge value. Additional badges may not exceed 50% of the quota allocated by m2.


    1. Under no circumstances is the entry of minors allowed at the Trade Show. Consequently, each participant will assume responsibility for the entry of minors without authorization in accordance to INEXMODA regulations.


    1. Under no circumstances will the value invested in the purchase of the badge be reimbursed in the event of non-attendance or partial attendance to the Trade Show by the participant.


    1. INEXMODA reserves the right to withhold or confiscate the badge in cases where it is misused, such as: identity theft or badge loan, false badge, unauthorized advertising, carried by a minor, owner carrying out illicit or immoral activities within the Trade Show.


    1.  The badge is personal and non-transferable, and in the event of misuse Inexmoda may confiscate it and refuse entry to its holder.


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