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Use of the rosette

    1. The accreditation (rosette) for the tradeshow must be claimed personally on the registration points with the ID or the passport. Likewise, to enter the tradeshow and its different spaces the ID or the passport is required. In case of not having these, other document with an updated photo must be presented.
    2. The categories of VISITORS and/or BUYERS having received their accreditation (rosette) from an exhibitor’s invitation or from Inexmoda will no be able to do any changes, as the accreditation is personal and non-transferable.
    3. Changes on the accreditation (rosette) will only be allowed for the EXHIBITORS category after verifying in the system that is has not been used. Same for VISITORS and/or BUYERS categories for those acquired by the person.
    4. Re-printing of the rosette in case os loss or destruction, will not have any cost during the (1st) first day of the tradeshow. In case to need re-printing during the (2nd) second or (3rd) third day, wether it has been used or not, it will have a cost of COP$60.000.
    5. The EXHIBITORS will have the right to a determined number of rosettes by Mt2 acquired (according to the agreement). In case of requiring additional rosettes, they will have the option to purchase them with a 50% of discount over the current value of the rosette. Additional rosettes cannot exceed 50% of the allocated quota by Mt2.
    6. It is not allowed, under any circumstance the entry of minors to the tradeshow. Therefore, each participant will assume the responsibility for any underage person without prior authorization according to Inexmoda’s definitions.
    7. There will be no refund under any circumstance of the invested value in the purchase of the rosette for non-attendance or partial attendance of the participant of the tradeshow.
    8. Inexmoda reserves the right to retain or confiscate the rosette, in the case of its bad use, such as: impersonation or loan of the rosette, detection of falsifying the rosette, distribution of publicity, determine that the carrier is minor, or the execution of some illegal or immoral activities inside of the tradeshow.
    9. The rosette is personal and non-transferable and in the case Inexmoda detects a bad use of it, it can be retained and the entrance to its carrier can be forbidden.

Care of the personal belongings during the Tradeshow

    1. INEXMODA, invites you to be responsible for your belongings, every time the loss of the personal objects of the attendants for the different tradeshows organized by the foundation, will be exclusively in charge of them. INEXMODA will not be responsible for its theft, loss or damage, reasons why we highly recommend you to ensure your personal belongings with the utmost diligence and care. In consequence, INEXMODA makes the following recommendations regarding the care of your personal objects:
      1. Do not leave your belongings unattended.
      2. Pay close attention to your belongings to avoid other people to take them without permission.
      3. Notify security personnel if you see something, or someone suspicious.
      4. Maintain your belongings organized and where they correspond.
      5. Take responsibility for the care of your belongings.
      6. Do not leave eye-catching objects at sight such as radios, purses, or cellphones in the squares or toilets.
      7. Do not leave valuable items at sight inside your vehicle.
      8. Keep in mind the entrance and exit doors of the event to facilitate their location.
      9. Keep minors in sight at all times.
      10. Do not accept anything from strangers.
      11. Do not keep money in only one place.
      12. Do not display banknotes when paying bills, be cautious.
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