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New production processes with renewable and alternative energies that reduce pollution levels.


Lafayette is a textile company that integrates the entire textile process from spinning through weaving to dyeing, printing and finishing with state-of-the-art technology. It bases its processes on the highest parameters of research and innovation to develop superior textile solutions for image and performance sensitive markets.

Our purpose is framed in promoting environmental and people progress. At Lafayette we understand sustainability as the balance between environmental management, social contribution and job performance.

Sustainability is part of the daily life of Vicunha. With operations installed in Latin America, this manufacturer is a pioneer in the use of positive practices in the jeanswear industry and its premise is the optimization of processes and the minimization of environmental and social impact.

Vicunha has more conscious and cleaner processes, acting with transparency and efficiency. There are numerous initiatives that include the construction of a broad sustainable business platform, reaffirming its commitment to managing scarce resources and people.

Huntsman Textile Effects is a chemical company that offers textile solutions for all fibers. They are committed to the environment and they also have a sustainability platform.

Rosset is committed to: act preventively in the preservation of natural resources, reducing the consumption of water, gas and electricity; minimize environmental impacts through by controlling its processes, liquid effluents and solid waste; comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations; contribute to sustainability growth, taking into account the program specifications: zero phase-out of restricted substances or hazardous chemicals, ZDHC, OEKO-TEX, REACH.

We work with SUSTAINABILITY as one of our business values ​​to be able to offer you a wide portfolio of ecological and sustainable fabrics.

At ENCAJES S.A. we care about the environment and about the impact that we generate as an industry. That is why for more than 10 years, we have been working on the co-generation of energy and currently we generate more than 40% of the energy we consume; we leverage the opportunity to reuse 80% of the same solid waste we generate; We treat 100% of the wastewater and reuse up to 30% of this water.

Additionally, we have created our GO GREEN line, a woven fabric with recycled Nylon from the REPREVE® brand by UNIFI.

AT COLTEJER, WE BET ON SUSTAINABILITY as a competitive strategy, within our DNA, there is a Gene called Ethical to which we attribute our sustainable ways of thinking and acting, day by day we work for the contribution that we make to the environment with practices such as: Social impact, reclaimed cotton, ring dyeing, pre-reduced indigo, foot print and our 100% circular nonwoven line.