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Products and technologies that guarantee protection and care against biological agents.


Lafayette is a textile company that integrates the entire textile process from spinning through weaving to dyeing, printing and finishing with state-of-the-art technology. It bases its processes on the highest parameters of research and innovation to develop superior textile solutions for image and performance sensitive markets.

Our purpose is framed in promoting environmental and people progress. At Lafayette we understand sustainability as the balance between environmental management, social contribution and job performance.

Disposal of waste and separation from our suitable places, use of LED lights within our factory, treatment of tributaries, reuse of textile waste for the production of rugs, tow and packaging. In addition, we work with sustainable raw materials such as organic cotton, natural softeners and hemp fiber in the fabrics.

SUTEX is a company oriented towards effective and responsible environmental processes. We have printing plants that do not use water in their processes in accordance with protection standards. In addition, we are the company that offers the most recycled textile bases from plastic bottles in the market for these categories: Actiwear – Beachwear – Comfortwear – Fashion – Corporate . We work with new textile fibers such as Ecovero, these are derived from sustainable wood and pulp from controlled sources and certified with environmental excellence.

When you choose us, you are being environmentally responsible, you are adapting to a sustainable lifestyle and contributing to a cleaner environment. We invite you to visit us at our virtual booth so that you can get to know all the Ecofriendly innovations that we have at Colombiatex 2021.

At Fabricato, sustainability is a commitment and a conviction. In the search for a circular economy, we recycle, recover and we leverage the potential of our internal resources such as water, energy, solid waste and textile by-products, thus achieving an eco-textile collection in Denim, Twills & Poplins and Knit.

With operations for more than four decades in the sector, Diklatex follows the transformations of the market by innovating in the development of technical and technological fabrics, adding high-performance, comfort and beauty solutions to fashion brands in the categories of sports and wellness. The brand stands out for its strong performance in sports intelligence and the offer of products that generate benefits and functionality through the use of technologies. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Diklatex has sought new solutions, such as fabrics with antiviral technology for the use by healthcare professionals, thus mitigating cross contamination.

Hyosung is a comprehensive manufacturer of elastane, nylon and polyester fibers providing world-class products, innovation and solutions for the textile industry. Hyosung’s creora® elastane is the world’s largest premium elastane brand, offering the widest range of performance fiber options. Additionally, our creora® elastane, and Mipan® nylon and specialty polyesters provide customers with the functional and sustainable fiber solutions that are essential in today’s dynamic textile market.

POLJEAN sas, is an initiative of the Telares Maracay Group (GTM), with more than 85 years of experience in the textile industry, through which it seeks to offer textile products manufactured in Venezuela and Latin America, for different segments of all markets from Colombia and South America.
Specialized in the commercialization of denim fabric and non-woven fabric (tnt), Poljean has been known in the Colombian market for offering products with a great quality and price, and for offering an accompanying service to all its customers, exceeding expectations and becoming a strategic ally.