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Production methods such as recycling, waste management and treatment, emission control and sustainable supplies.
See the companies that work towards this goal here.


Lafayette is a textile company that integrates the entire textile process from spinning through weaving to dyeing, printing and finishing with state-of-the-art technology. It bases its processes on the highest parameters of research and innovation to develop superior textile solutions for image and performance sensitive markets.

Our purpose is framed in promoting environmental and people progress. At Lafayette we understand sustainability as the balance between environmental management, social contribution and job performance.

Disposal of waste and separation from our suitable places, use of LED lights within our factory, treatment of tributaries, reuse of textile waste for the production of rugs, tow and packaging. In addition, we work with sustainable raw materials such as organic cotton, natural softeners and hemp fiber in the fabrics.

Committed to the environment, they make sustainable textiles, which are created from recycled raw materials to preserve resources and reduce environmental impact without affecting their physical performance or quality. Among its products, recycled polyester and polyamide fibers stand out, some of its textiles are manufactured using post-consumer recycled polyester fibers or polyamide fibers obtained from pre-consumer polymer waste. Its environmental awareness determines the use of processes that reduce the negative impact of industrial activity, such as the reduction of water, energy and gas emissions into the atmosphere, as well as an adequate treatment and reuse of water; and the recycling of waste generated to preserve the planet’s resources.

We are leaders in PET recycling in Colombia, with the largest plant in South America and the largest collection network in the country. At Enka, we are committed to the objective of producing under the circular economy scheme, orienting ourselves to closing cycles through recycling and manufacturing sustainable products with high added value.

Kaeser Compresores has been offering its customers highly efficient compressed air systems since 1919. Our goal is to create customized compressed air solutions that provide maximum reliability and energy efficiency for the country’s industries.

Sustainability is part of the daily life of Vicunha. With operations installed in Latin America, this manufacturer is a pioneer in the use of positive practices in the jeanswear industry and its premise is the optimization of processes and the minimization of environmental and social impact.

Vicunha has more conscious and cleaner processes, acting with transparency and efficiency. There are numerous initiatives that include the construction of a broad sustainable business platform, reaffirming its commitment to managing scarce resources and people.

Covolan Têxtil is positioned among the leading Denim production companies in Brazil.

Our products and our ease of business cater to the fast fashion market and brands that produce seasonal collections. The headquarters in Santa Bárbara D’Oeste, São Paulo state, have made large investments in technology and machinery that guarantee sustainable production and continuous improvement of processes, in order to minimize waste generation and comply with applicable laws.