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Colombiatex 2021 Concept


Moments of chaos and uncertainty are being lived in the world, but on this occasion the consumers become more creative and less fearful to generate change.

They are the ones who question and alert the companies and brands, who should move with great ability and insight to address the new challenges in a world where the community prevails.

Transparency, fair commerce, the humility of the people and the good actions will allow an increasing confidence, but also, will give us back faith in humanity.

Philosophy, well-being, sustainability and ethics govern these Macrotrends that invite us to open our minds to be Re-Humans, to be Scientists in order to connect with the nature through technology; to create collectives to transform societies; to understand life from Multidimensionality; and to share our knowledge through Open Sources so we can build a better future.

Source: study of the macrotrends from Inexmoda’s Knowledge laboratory.

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