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A world with fewer barriers, inhabited by citizens eager for immediate answers to new questions.

A world where connecting expertise has been the enabler of globalization and ubiquity.

A network of knowledge that allows us to be where
we want to be, learn what we desire to learn,
and contrast all the outlooks we wish.

Seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting connects us to the world,, enabling us create.Creativity conceived as art, the art of solving everyday problems not only from a specific expertise, but involving the best of all worlds.

Every day the possibility of mixing and interweaving arts, beliefs, disciplines, and opinions is more palpable, leaving as a result the evolution of procedures and ways of doing things that we tend to do the same way every day.

In life there are few certainties, but one that is clear and convincing is that to obtain different results, we have to change our way of acting; in order to move forward we must move, and that is why we are committed to connecting expertise, to exploring how to transcend things and add ingredients for enhancing their operation.

This applies to products, services, and procedures. It applies to life.

For 2019, we invite you to Connect expertise and find the common point of sciences, fields, and professions that empower the Fashion System.

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