You, as an exhibitor, need to know the following
to participate in the Trends Forum:

The Trends Forum of Colombiatex de las Américas 2019 is where your company will present its textiles, supplies, and finished Denim product proposals for Spring-Summer 2019.

Send your product samples to Torre Inexmoda, Cra 43 # 9 Sur – 195, Medellin, Colombia and we will make sure to exhibit them.

Deadline to receive the samples: January 15, 2019


If you are a textiles and garment company, download here the
trends report for Spring - Summer 2019

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Take into account:
If you are a textile and garment company

The products exhibited for this category will be:

  • Textile bases for the costume universes Formal, Casual, Jeanswear, Activewear, Underwear, Beachwear, technical textiles and fabrics for the world of Decoration and Home.
  • Textiles with high fashion content in knit, circular and rectilinear knitting, denims, wool, cotton, fabric effects, lace, lace, etc.
  • Designs of embossing, embroidery, pre-dyed, embroidered, with washes or coatings, etc.

If your company produces Denim, you can send us garments showing the process, the characteristics of the fabric and its result.

  1. If the textiles have chemicals or technological coatings, the properties must be mentioned on the label together with the following data:
    • Company name
    • Pavilion where the company will be located
    • Stand number
    • Sample reference
    • Name of the process or property
  1. Samples must have the following measurements: 40 cms. x 40 cms </ em> and should be cut with pinking shears to ensure a good presentation.*If fabric contains any finish, detail or applique on the right side, please put adhesive on the back, so that upon removal it will not harm the finish.

If you are a supplies company

  1. Supplies that will be exhibited:
  • Buttons and pins
  • Closures and zippers
  • Buckles
  • Metal fittings
  • Eyelets and rivets
  • Fringes and guipures
  • Ribbons, ropes, and braids
  • Appliques and decorations
  • Elastic
  • Labels
  • Tags
  • Metal labels
  • Rhinestones and prints
  1. These must be sent unattached to any surface.
  2. For each supply, only one (1) unit is required per reference and color.
  3. If pieces are on a reel or in an elongated format such as fringe, ribbon,
    braid, bias, closure, etc., these must be 15 cm. long.
  1. Each piece must be properly marked with the following:
  • Business name
  • Pavilion where company will be located
  • Stand number
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Deadline to receive the samples: January 15, 2019

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