Colombiatex de las Américas 2022 will be the scenario to show sustainable practices inside the fashion industry from environmental, to social and cultural. Tell the world about your sustainable approach through:

Instagram lives with Inexmoda

Media coverage

Videos and articles at Inexmoda digital channels

Disctinctive seal at your booth about the sustainability route

Apply before December 15, 2021!

If you are an exhibitor for Colombiatex de las Américas 2022 and want to apply, these are the steps you need to follow:

Fill the registration form that you can find Find here

The curator sustainability team will evaluate your form based on the SDO (sustainable development objectives) set by the United Nations.

Once your participation has been approved you will get an email letting you know about the approval and the Inexmoda team will get in touch with your company to ask for all the audiovisual material, interviews and respective releases.

Relive the sustainability moments from Colombiatex de las Américas 2020

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