Colombiatex of the Americas is the commercial show of Latin America´s leader in textiles, special solutions, supplies, chemicals, and machinery. Poised as the most important textile business center of the region, the Trade show has a wide display which makes it impossible to miss in order to equip your production chain for the first semester of the year. Colombiatex is comprised of three great axes:


We join supply and demand of the textile industry through a qualified commercial trade show.


We spotlight producers through various fashion formats, bringing out the benefits of the supplies in the finished product.


We update all those passionate about the textile industry through free conferences and workshops.


It´s opening our eyes to observe…it´s testing our convictions in order to find in the deep sea of knowledge and information to which we have access today, the fact, moment, or revelation that will link us to our consumer. It´s much more than zooming in to the Fashion System; it´s stopping here and now to create forward-looking visions that meet new business dynamics which will activate our senses; these powerful ideas will spring to life in strategies that, with innovative DNA and sustainability as accomplices, will help to solve real life problems, massive problems materialized in products or services that create value, and which will take businesses to reinvent themselves and to constantly evolve. It’s not about doing more; it’s about identifying our strengths in order to extrapolate them; it´s making extraordinary things out of ordinary ones…cultivating the future as well as timeless enterprises.

It´s not only looking around us; content over form will be the key to heed our senses, observe with care, and allow ourselves to be surprised by the unexpected.

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