The cultural feeling “Grow” will influence what consumers want, boosting the color and design priorities resulting in a new aesthetic. Offering a new breakdown through the markets involving design aesthetics, we encourage you to see for inspiration outside your product category and to explore how other industries may provide unexpected solutions.


The color palette in Grow is filled with a sweet energy, a leafy bouquet of tones astonishing with their nature. A vibrating group of greens as Watermark, Glade, and Waterfall are a blink to the final cycle of life, while Zesty injects a bit of citric to a quiet cocktail of colors, cute pinks, and peaches as Serandite, Rose Blush, Iris, and Blossom are like petals of peace on an elegant flower while dry pastel colors as Husk, Dry Grass, Papyrus, and Wheat aim for the growing importance of sustainable charm.