Find out the details for exhibiting and the instructions for correct
participation in Colombiatex 2024!

Assembly rules

As per the organization's policy, all exhibitors, without exception, must send the stand render with specified measurements to the email [email protected], which is MANDATORY for review and subsequent approval required for assembly.

Inexmoda will provide paneling as dividing elements between exhibitors with a height of 2.40 meters, which serves the purpose of separating neighbors. Each exhibitor must obtain their neighbor's permission, which can be managed with Inexmoda in writing and via email through [email protected]. Otherwise, Inexmoda cannot mediate in any situation. If the maximum height is taken, the back must be completely covered with no exposed materials.

Stand fitting rules, especially the maximum heights allowed for each space, are mandatory for exhibitors to comply with. Any non-compliance in this regard will lead to Inexmoda imposing the penalty clause for non-compliance, as stipulated in the accepted offer for participation in the fair.

Indications for the use of space

Suitability of the stand

If you need to hang any elements to set up your stand and require the structure of the fairground, you must have authorization from the Plaza Mayor infrastructure department. You should send an email requesting permission to [email protected] with a copy to[email protected] attaching an image of the item with the following information: weight, size, length, and width.

Intervention of elements in the premises

If your stand interacts with any element of the venue such as a column, power and/or data box, or natural gas cabinet, can modify them; however, the access gates must remain accessible.

Space delivery

The exhibitor must return the space and paneling in the same condition in which it was provided and will be responsible for any damages caused by their employees or contractors during the assembly and disassembly of the stand and for any incidents that may occur during the course of the fair.

Digital badge

To access Colombiatex 2024, you will have a digital badge that will function the same way as a physical badge. A few days before the event, you will receive a notification on the mobile number you registered, and from there, you can access it by simply entering your information and accepting the terms and conditions.

Admission rights

Inexmoda reserves the right to admission during assembly, the fair, and disassembly. Therefore, it may retain or confiscate the badge or wristband in cases of misuse, such as identity the, lending the badge and/or wristband, detection of forgery on the badge, distributing advertising without prior authorization, engaging in illicit activities at the fair, and most importantly, non-compliance with the rules.


At Colombiatex 2024, playing music in the commercial exhibit spaces is prohibited. The sounds emitted in the pavilions will be the sole responsibility of Inexmoda and the experiences within each pavilion. Therefore, playing brand music is not allowed, and non-compliance with this point could trigger the penalty clause for non-compliance.


From the event organization, we recommend using the areas specifically designated for dining. This will prevent leaving food waste in view of buyers or event visitors.

IMPORTANT: all types of food, such as lunches, cocktails, snacks, etc., must be contracted directly with Plaza Mayor. If you wish to contract this service, you can request a quote from the Plaza Mayor exhibitor service at: [email protected] +57 313 7367640.

Additionally, during the three days of the event, Plaza Mayor will have a buffet for exhibitors located in Salon C+D (Expositions), where three different menu options will be offered each day.

If an exhibitor wants to bring in outside food suppliers, they should consider the following:

  • They must pay a floor fee equivalent to 20% of the value of the products brought in.
  • Only the entrance of food stored in eco-friendly packaging is allowed. 
  • Entrance is only permitted through Door 3 (located in Expositions) or the loading and unloading area (located in Conventions).
  • Food for exhibitors may enter during the assembly and disassembly days without paying any additional fee.
Use of models:

Having models in the stand for garment exhibition is allowed. We recommend light makeup and hairstyles to ensure the focus remains on the clothing. While the models are wearing the garments and doing their jobs, they must stay inside the stand, not in the corridors or common areas. If it's observed that models are outside the stand, Inexmoda will invoice the equivalent value of a brand activation.

Stand setting

The following are not allowed within the stand: activations with music, shows, stand parades, runways, fashion experiences. Please remember that this is a business space, and all activities conducted within the stand that do not correspond to a business-related dynamic must be validated and authorized by the organization.

Free trade zone

The event will feature the Temporary Free Trade Zone modality, which allows you, for a specified period of time, to import goods for display at the event and subsequently return them to their country of origin. The steps to consider for initiating this process are as follows:


Contact the Free Trade Zone team at Plaza Mayor using the following contact information:


If you need to send merchandise for the exhibition at the fair, you must label it with the following information:

  • Exhibitor's Name
  • Contact Number
  • Company Name
  • Booth Number
  • Pavilion Name
  • Shipping Address for Plaza Mayor:
  • Exhibition Venue (Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green Pavilions): Street 41 # 55-35
  • Convention Venue (Wooden box and Great Hall): Street 41 # 55-80